Our Approach

Most landlords struggle to make a decision to evict their tenant. And why not? No one wants to think that they are putting people "in the street"

Thoughts like .. "Maybe the tenants will move out sometime soon, and I won't have to spend money to get them out.'

"But if they don't I will just lose more money"

"It is going to cost me lots of money to evict the tenant"

What if? what if? What if?

We try to make things a lot simpler.  An eviction involves several steps, all leading to a court order, enforced by the sheriff, that makes the tenants move out. But 95% of cases don't ever get to the sheriff having to come to the dwelling to force the tenants out.

Almost all of the cases we process result in the tenants moving out before the sheriff executes the lockout. But exactly when will the tenants move out?  Nobody knows, until it actually happens. So why pay for eviction services, in advance, that one  does not need?

That's why we only charge our clients for what they actually need at the time that you know you need it.

We start your eviction case by creating the proper notice, or notices, serving them to your tenant, and creating your proof of service. Next we file your unlawful detain "eviction complaint" with the proper County Superior Court for your case. Once the complaint is filed we personally serve the court documents to your tenant, and finish the job by posting your proofs of service on our web portal for your review.

Our Story

After over 10 years of experience filing Unlawful Detainer cases, we have gained a lot of history. This history has taught us a few things.

The two most significant are...

One never knows what is going to happen after the case begins.

Most landlords simply want the tenants to move out.

Knowing this, we have restructured our workflows and pricing, so that our clients can get the result they want (move out ) at the lowest cost based on what happens in their case.

For example. Over 65% of cases we file result in the tenants moving out within two weeks of being served with the unlawful detainer case. Knowing this, doesn't it makes sense to see if this happens in your case before spending anymore money to proceed in the case?

Ultimately, the only way a property owner can "make" a tenant move out is by giving the sheriff a writ from the court to allow him to do a lockout. While we certainly can make this happen, if necessary, why would anyone want to pay for this work or wait out the additional weeks it takes if the tenants move out sooner?

That's why we charge for work only as it becomes necessary to do it. We can always continue to work on the case to put more the pressure on tenants to move out. But why pay for it in advance. if it turns out to be unnecessary?

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