We just want them out.!!

That's what most of our clients tell when they start the case. Makes it seem simple right?  It isn't!


That's because most people can start a case easily enough, but they don't know how to proceed when they find out how the tenants have responded.

Court clerks can not tell you what to do at any point in the process.  They continually tell people, "I can't give you legal advice." And that's true! They are barred by state law from doing that. And they can't tell people how to fill out forms either.

Actually we can't either. Only a licensed attorney can do that. But that is where we enter the picture,  We are Legal Document Assistants. We simply file and serve documents that will get you what you want- a vacant rental unit, so you can move on to get a new tenant.

We file papers and your tenants move out.  We don't explain the law, we just do the work, so you don't have to.

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Some Situations We Routinely Handle Include:


Non-Paying Tenants                    Difficult & Uncooperative Tenants

·       Nuisance Cases

·       Commercial Properties

·       Trustee Sales/Foreclosures

·       Short Sale Holdover

·       Bankruptcy Relief From Stay

Why pay $1200 to $1500

We prepare and serve all required notices and serve them to your tenants, then prepare the eviction lawsuit (unlawful detainer) and serve your tenants using our own professional process servers.

Your cost is just $419.00court filing fee not included

This is the first step required to get your court order that gives you legal possession of your property. There often is more work to do depending on how your tenants respond, but believe it or not, 65% of tenants will move out or resolve the problem with you within a couple of weeks of us starting the case.

Get 'em out Fast

Lets us help you get your property back!

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Fast and Effective Eviction Service

Lynx Legal Services offers rapid and inexpensive eviction service

Our package includes the complete California eviction process from preparing the notice to getting the writ of eviction for the Sheriff in your hands.

We do all types of evictions for all types of properties in California, and specialize in working with individual property owners. We can evict any person in possession of any type of property that you want out.

We provide 24/7 access to all documents that we prepare and file through our web portal. This means that you can see where you are with your case at all times. You can upload your lease, notices etc, as well, so that we have documents available to our staff professionals when they need them. And you will have records safely stored and available to you whenever you need them.

Eviction Matters Need Fast Action-Stop your losses!

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